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365betag旗舰厅 - 每日新闻播报(November 26)

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365betag旗舰厅 - 每日新闻播报(November 26)

365betag旗舰厅,a man wearing a mask walks on a smoggy morning in new delhi, nov 3, 2019. [photo/agencies]

>oxygen bar goes viral


the air quality in delhi has dropped to levels likened to smoking 50 cigarettes a day. 德里的空气质量已差到相当于一天吸50支烟的程度了。

in between all the measures to battle the severe air pollution levels in the city, there's one more option for you - a bar that has "pure air". 在所有对抗这座城市严重空气污染的措施中,你还有个新的选择,那就是提供"纯净空气"的氧吧。

founded by aryavir kumar and margarita kuritsyana, delhi's first-ever oxygen bar - named "oxy pure" - offers 15 minutes of 80-90% pure oxygen starting from rs 299. 雅利瓦尔·库马尔和玛格丽塔·库里茨亚娜创建了德里首个氧吧——"纯净氧气",顾客在这里可以呼吸15分钟纯度为80%到90%的氧气,起价299卢比(约合29元人民币)。

the bar, which was launched in may, also offers its customers several aromas to choose from that can be infused with oxygen that is odorless. 这家氧吧5月开业,还为顾客提供多种可选择的香气,这些香气可以与无味的氧气混合。

the aromas include lemongrass, lavender, cherry, eucalyptus and more. 香味包括柠檬草、薰衣草、樱桃、桉树等。

"some people, who try it for the first time, will feel relaxed and fresh. but only people who undergo the sessions regularly will get real benefits of the aroma," said bonny irengbam, senior sales assistant at the bar. 氧吧的高级销售助理邦尼·艾伦巴姆说:"有些人第一次尝试时,会感到放松和新鲜。但只有经常来吸氧的人才能真正享受到香味氧气的益处。"

irengbam said the bar saw a significant rise in the number of customers two to three days after diwali, as the pollution levels were high adding that people are warming up to the idea of an oxygen bar. 艾伦巴姆说,在排灯节(印度的宗教节日)之后的两三天,氧吧的顾客数量有了显著的增长,因为那段时间污染水平很高,人们开始对氧吧产生了兴趣。

"they have realized the need for it," he said. 他说:"他们已经意识到了这种需求。"

a logo of the european space agency (esa) is pictured at the headquarters in darmstadt, germany, sept 30, 2016. [photo/vcg]

>a hibernating trip to mars


the european space agency (esa) is studying putting astronauts in hibernation for a future trip to mars and back in hopes of radically reducing spacecraft architecture. 欧洲航天局目前正在研究如何使宇航员在未来往返火星的旅途中能处于"休眠"状态,希望从根本上精简航天器架构。

by removing a spacecraft's crew quarters, esa says spacecraft mass could be reduced by a third. there would be a similar reduction in consumables, equivalent to several tons of saved mass. 欧洲航天局称,通过拆除航天器乘员舱,航天器的重量可减少1/3,宇航员所需的消耗品同样也会减少,相当于节省了好几吨的重量。

esa has begun outlining how hibernation would enable mission designers to adjust spacecraft architecture, logistics, radiation shielding, power consumption and overall mission design. 欧洲航天局已开始规划"休眠"模式下任务设计者如何调整航天器结构、后勤、辐射屏障、能耗和任务总体设计。

the key to all of this is in lowering human heart rates sufficiently to make hibernation work. 其中最重要的部分是最大限度降低宇航员的心率,使其进入休眠状态。

the mission would also need to be optimized for artificial intelligence, "fault detection, isolation and recovery" in order to maintain a minimum level of system performance until the crew could be revived. 该任务还需要对"故障检测、隔离和恢复"等人工智能进行优化,这样宇航员醒来前系统能以最低水平保持运行。

esa says its next step is researching how brain pathways are activated or blocked during initiation of hibernation. 欧洲航天局表示,下一步将研究在"休眠"开始后,如何激活或阻断宇航员的大脑通路。

in theory, humans might be able to hibernate more than eight months at a time.理论上,人类单次休眠时间最长可达八个月。

yong mei, lead actress in so long, my son, (wearing blue dress) is named best actress at the golden rooster awards in xiamen, fujian province, on saturday. [photo/xinhua]

>rooster awards winners


twenty awards were announced during the closing ceremony of the 28th china golden rooster & hundred flowers festival, which concluded in xiamen, fujian province, on saturday. 23日,第28届中国金鸡百花电影节在厦门闭幕,闭幕式期间共颁出20项大奖。

"so long, my son" was the biggest winner of this year's golden rooster awards. 《地久天长》成为今年金鸡奖最大赢家。

the film, which delivered the best actor and best actress awards to its leading cast members, wang jingchun and yong mei, at the 69th berlin international film festival earlier this year, brought them the same accolades at the golden roosters. 该片主演王景春和咏梅分获金鸡奖最佳男主角和最佳女主角奖,今年早些时候两人曾凭借该片在第69届柏林国际电影节上获封影帝和影后。

the film also scooped up the award for best screenplay. it was co-written by a mei and director wang xiaoshuai. 《地久天长》还斩获了本届金鸡奖最佳编剧奖,剧本由阿美和导演王小帅携手打造。

"the wandering earth", a game-changer that revived the chinese sci-fi film genre, took home the award for best picture. 《流浪地球》捧走最佳故事片奖,该片打破电影圈格局、使中国科幻片得以复兴。

hong kong director dante lam, known for his action-studded scenes on location, won the award for best director for the box-office hit "operation red sea".以外景动作场面见长的香港导演林超贤凭借卖座大片《红海行动》获得最佳导演奖。

former nyc mayor michael bloomberg. [file photo/agencies]

>bloomberg joins 2020 race


former mayor of new york city michael bloomberg launched a video ad sunday to formally announce his campaign for president in the 2020 us election. 前纽约市长迈克尔·布隆伯格24日发布视频广告,正式宣布参加2020年美国总统选举。

the minute-long campaign ad portrayed the 77-year-old media mogul as "jobs creator, leader, problem solver." 这段时长一分钟的竞选广告将这位77岁的传媒大亨形容为"工作机会创造者、领导者、问题解决者。"

the announcer said in the ad that bloomberg, who runs as a democrat, will let the wealthy pay more in taxes, the middle class get their fair share and everyone be able to get health insurance. "广告称,作为民主党人参选的布隆伯格将让富人缴纳更多的税款,中产阶级得到公平的份额,人人都有医疗保险。

the ad also highlighted the billionaire's efforts to restore new york after the 9/11 terrorist attacks in 2001, as well as his resolve to tackle climate change. 广告中还突出了这位亿万富豪在2001年911恐怖袭击发生后为重振纽约付出的努力,以及他在解决气候变化方面的决心。

"i'm running for president to defeat donald trump and rebuild america," bloomberg said in a tweet. "i believe my unique set of experiences in business, government, and philanthropy will enable me to win and lead," he added in the tweet. 布隆伯格在推特说:"我竞选总统是为了击败唐纳德·特朗普,重建美国。我相信,我在商业、政府和慈善方面的独特经历,将使我能够赢得选举并领导国家。"

us media reported that the former three-term new york city mayor has spent over $30 million so far in buying airtime reservations for tv commercials promoting his political agenda across the country, an amount that overshadows the campaign advertising budgets of other democratic contenders.据美国媒体报道,曾是纽约市三任市长的布隆伯格已经豪掷超过3000万美元购买电视广告时段预定,以在全国范围内推广他的政治意图,远超民主党其他竞选人的竞选广告预算。

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